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Author: Emmanuel Boss
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Other Web Resources

There are several other web sites relevant to optical oceanography:

The International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) website has a wealth of useful information and reports relating to remote sensing. Lecture notes and videos of IOCCG summer-course lectures on optical oceanography and remote sensing can be found at the IOCCG training and lectures page.

The lectures and some laboratory exercises of the NASA-funded 2015 summer class on Calibration and Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing at the University of Maine were videoed. These videos can be viewed at the 2015 Ocean Optics Class Youtube site.

There are several freely available textbooks:

Scattering, Absorption, and Emission of Light by Small Particles (and other texts) by Mishchenko et al. (2002)

Light and Water by Mobley (1994). The download is a 22Mbyte zip file. Also available on CD from the author.

Hydrologic Optics by Preisendorfer (1976)

The classic Visibility Laboratory technical reports of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography can be accessed online by report number or by author. The reports are also available on DVD (1.7 Gbytes) from Curtis Mobley or Emmanuel Boss.

Some journals in the field are freely available on line:

Other journals have some articles available:

Also try finding articles using tools such as Google Scholar or look directly on the web sites of practitioners.

Some researchers in Environmental Optics have reprints of their papers on-line:

A symposium was held on April 27, 2015 to honor Howard Gordon on the occasion of his retirement. A number of his colleagues gave talks both reminiscing about Howard and presenting new science of interest to him. Videos of the talks can be seen at the Howard Gordon Symposium

Professors sometimes post material from related courses:

The Maine In-situ Sound and Color Lab (MISC) website links to several courses organized by E. Boss.

Ocean Optics: Observing Ocean Biogeochemistry with Optics (organized by E. Boss and sponsored by NASA, ONR, and NSF)

Ocean Optics: Radiative Transfer and Inversions of Ocean Color Remote Sensing (organized by E. Boss and sponsored by ONR and NASA).

If you want us to add your publications, class notes, or other information, please send us an email with the web address of your material.

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